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Miscellaneous shards of beauty.

From college, work and just plain fooling around. Most of it is black and white since that's the only set of photography courses I've ever had the opportunity to take. For some reason digital cameras and all the graphics editing in the world doesn't compare to the satisfaction of spending hours in a dark room developing and re-developing a black and white photo.


There are times when you happen to have your finger on the button at just the right moment for the perfect shot. I will never, ever have such a good character portrait again in my lifetime. Even the teacher was impressed. Taken Thanksgiving of 1994 for my first photography class.


Also from the first photography course I ever took as a study in contrast. One person remarked she thought it looked like someone contemplating suicide. I told her I certainly hoped not, since it was my father! Taken December 1994.


While not compositionally awesome or even well exposed, I'm sentimental about this one. Taken October of 1994.

Trellis, shade and sun

Another study in contrast. Taken September of 1994.


From a Black and White Photography Class I took again in 2001 for kicks. This piece was shot with an old bellows-style camera straight to paper, not film. The exposure took 3 minutes, then I made another print in negative, and scribbled some notes to put around them. I made three and sold one. Yay me. Taken/Made March 2001

Perfection in progress

Also from the same photography class(taken for fun, not a grade), I did a photo shoot project of a local champion body builder during her pre-competition buildup. Exposure was difficult since I couldn't use a flash, so I used 3200 ISO film which lent an excellent grainy effect. Here's two shots from the workout, leading up to...


This was the culmination of a photo shoot of a local champion bodybuilder. The actual print took hours to make because I had to expose separately for her and for the background which were totally under and overexposed respectively, making a mask and then burning and dodging over and over again. Taken April 2001.


One of the two oil paintings I've done actually worth displaying. I set out to make a picture that even without readable text would be immediately recognizeable to anyone who had visited downtown Roanoke and Center in the Square. I succeeded, since most people who have been there stop and go "Hey, isn't that...". Painted December 1995.


Just for comparison, the original photo Downtown was based on.


This was the other shot I took that almost made it into the painting. It's of the marketplace bordering Center in the Square, about one hundred foot to the left and fifty foot forward of the above picture.


Another project from my second semester of painting had an option to design a license plate. So I took a picture of my dad's work truck at the time for a model and came up with the perfect Virginia slogan. Painted May 1996.