The fluffy stuff!

 Comics were my first inspiration for art and learning to draw, and it definitely shows here. There are two categories here, my work and art by friends. The subject matter primarily is pure geek, either being a character from a roleplaying game or fanfic that I used to write. Yes, ASCF'rs, I wrote fanfic too. Feel free to point and laugh!

Portrait of Aeron

 For just over two years and a half years I played a very intense(i.e., an asshole) sorcerer in a Dungeons and Dragons 3.0/3.5 game. He started out as very easy-going but as time went and more shit hit the fan, this started to become his most common expression. This is just a simple inked sketch, although I may do more with it in the future.

Aeron in action

 This was the first sketch I did to give the other players a guide as to what he looked like. You may notice he's missing his irises, which was deliberate because I planned to add them in via Photoshop when I'm finished coloring him. In the original sketch he was also one-armed as the result of a plot device trap, and required some digital surgery to regain his left arm when he regrew it in-game.


 My first Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 character, Sam was my first experience with the Sorcerer class. She was a very uptight and angry young girl who was constantly fending off advances by the party cleric, played by my brother. The gender-bending on my part and the weirdness of two brothers roleplaying male-female interaction gave the rest of the players the willies, but we had fun anyway.

Fiachra ap Fiona

 The source of my LJ moniker. Originally invented by my soon-to-be-friend at the time Ceiridwen as a character for me to one-shot in her Changeling game, I enjoyed him so much that I wound up using him for a lot longer. Fleshing him out, I played him in both a Werewolf game and Ceiridwen's "C-Verse" Changeling game over the span of three years. I portrayed him as an unleashed version of my id, which was incredibly fun.

SD Fiachra

 SD, or "Super Deformed", is a common form of anime exaggeration. I decided to try my hand at it and also show my idea for his version of royal attire when he became Duke of the Duchy of Dogwood... i.e., Virginia in the far future after a plague. The silver lion on red is the Fiona crest, and I think I did a nice job of making a military-style dress outfit.

Fiachra's strange love

 Ceiridwen was also nice enough to help me create a love interest as plot background so I could take him out of the original campaign and transfer him into a Werewolf game. I only gave her three requirements: That the love interest be strange, dangerous and the most unlikely match for a Seelie Sidhe. So she invented Morgaine, an Unseelie sluagh assassin. For you non-changeling players, sluagh are fae that resemble uber-goths on their best days, and the walking dead on their worst. Not the type you expect a sidhe to hook up with. Sent to assassinate his Duchess, they fell in love instead and she botched the mission for him.

Debbie the Pooka

 A birthday present for the aforementioned Ceiridwen, this was her longest-running NPC(Non Player Character) in the C-verse. Pooka are a type of fae that can turn into one animal, in her case, a Pileated Woodpecker. She was the love interest for our friend Hazel's character, Baron Janus. Poor Debbie. Like Morgaine, she did not have a happy life. I think Ceiridwen hates her love interest NPCs sometimes because they are never happy.

Kitty the Pooka

 Another birthday present, this time for Ceiridwen's sister Bronwen. Kitty was a very young Lynx pooka, hence the cat ears and the pout, which incidentally is a dead ringer for Bronwen's own real-life pout. It wasn't intentional...

Eclipse by Bronwen

 Bronwen's own present for me, Eclipse was my character in a DC Superheroes game run by our friend Rob. The dark pattern is an alien nanotech that he was infected with. The more he used his powers, the more it exuded from his skin, fading away when he stopped. The pattern on his skin was inspired by the Shadow ships from Babylon 5.


 From the same superhero game, this was my concept of another player's hero. Romance novel blurb writer by day, superhero by night. His powers were granted by aliens, which was very nice of them. Except for the occasional abduction and anal probing, that is.

Fiachra by Bronwen

 Another present for my birthday, Bronwen did her own interpretation of Fiachra. I decided that this would represent his original armor, before he started wearing the more baroque armor depicted above.


 A present for another friend, Heather, this was her character in an online roleplaying game/fanfic. Daniel is a MiB, or Man in Black, charged with keeping reality safe by surpressing evidence of aliens and magic. And by surpressing evidence, I mean killing said "aliens" and mages. This was my one of my first attempts at an elaborate abstract background, being a layered composite of circuitry, interlaced lines, and text.

Sascha DelAubre

 Yet another present for one of my Canadian gaming friends, Hazel, this was from another online RPG/fanfic based on the Super Nintendo game Final Fantasy 3. This was a test bed for about four separate techniques I was learning in Photoshop at the time.

Dee Arrowny

 A character of mine from the same online game, Dee was the cousin of Relm Arrowny and the love interest for Gau. Originally a scholar, she went the way of the sword and was destined for great things until the RPG faded away. For you anime fans, yes, the pose is borrowed from Arshes Nei in the Bastard! anime.

Dee by Hazel

 Originally a doodle by Hazel, she was kind enough to scan it and send it to me. This was her impression of Dee after reading my stories of her transformation from scholar to swordswoman. It actually captures her sweet nature better than my own drawing above, truth be told. Too bad Hazel no longer has the original, I would love to have had a bigger copy.

Original Dee

 Very cheesy colored doodle, and one of the last ones done before I started using Photoshop. I was still playing around with the anime style of big eyes, small mouth, and tried to make a quick image of the original concept. The outfit was based on a riding outfit I saw once.


 My primary character from the Final Fantasy 3 RPG, and one of the original game characters, I had a lot of fun with him, although the artwork for Dee was much better. I don't know why I never really did a decent drawing of him. And yes, I know he was supposed to be a kid, but when I started I thought years had passed so I grew him up a little and gave him a girlfriend. When I found out, I decided to simply say his shapeshifting abilities also gave him some serious growth spurts. Later on, Dee had some serious issues when she discovered she was boinking someone eleven years her junior..

Gau in living(anime) color

 Yes, the inspiration was right out of Sailor Moon.

Gau the first

 Concept sketch for when I first started writing the fanfics. Very crappy, but it was a ten minute pen drawing, so sue me.


 The source of my primary internet moniker for nine years. Ayrsayle is a hatchling dragon I played in a Rifts game in '94-'95 (Great Horned Dragon for fellow Rifts geeks). I thought I'd made the name up until I stumbled across an old Choose Your Own Adventure type book featuring a dragon by the same name, which I'd apparently subconsciously dredged up when naming him.

Humanform Ayrsayle

 Rifts dragons are almost all shapeshifters, and Ayrsayle was no exception. This was his normal choice of disguise, a big, dumb-looking barbarian.

Sailor Ayr

 I can only plead insanity the day I drew this.

Stormblade and Triel

 Original character and her hatchling dragon from the (former) fanfic newsgroup alt.games.final-fantasy.rpg. The author went insane on us soon after I drew this. What a waste.

Alex Rogan

 Another drawing I did for a friend based on the fanfic he wrote for our newsgroup, and one of my more involved pieces in Photoshop at the time. It took about twelve layers, whereas now the same thing would take me four layers tops now that I know my way around the program. Nice writer, but an annoying character.


 One of two pieces I did for Travis, a fellow writer who later became estranged from the group. Probably the most "cheesecake" drawing I ever did. If you ever see this, Travis, drop me a line.


 One of my earliest attempts at computer coloring, along with Living Color Gau and Original Dee (boy, those sound like rappers, don't they?), and it shows. Ugh. But it was the thought that counted, I hope.


 The second sketch I did for a friend on the newsgroup. Not proud of the legs or the pose as a whole, but the shading was rather different from my usual style.


 The first sketch I did for someone on the newsgroup. Technically not an original character, but the actual in-game Baram only appeared in a couple of flashbacks so there really wasn't a whole lot on him.

Cyan Garamonde

 My interest in the characters and artwork of the Final Fantasy series for the Super Nintendo preceded my discovery of the world of fan fiction online. Cyan was one of the more interesting and tragic characters from Final Fantasy III. My only real gripe with this piece is my crappy lack of foreshortening on his sword arm.

Atma Weapon

 This was a thirty second doodle I did while flipping through the instruction manual for FF3 of one of the tougher monsters from the game.


 One of the big bads from Final Fantasy 2, and like Atma, just a quickie sketch.


 Random doodle of a sportswriter I did while killing time as a security guard in '93. Bonus points for anyone who recognizes him.