Work that is somewhere in between.

  Not all of my work is traditional drawing, painting or photography. Part of my education in the field of Graphic Design was in the realm of computer-generated imagery. Some of what follows is my own invention, and some of it is work I did while employed at Robertson Marketing in the late 90's.

  All personal artwork was constructed as black and white vector art in Macromedia Freehand and then imported into Adobe Photoshop and enhanced, sometimes with Kai's Power Tools filters. Most of the techniques were learned from the Photoshop WOW series of books, probably dollar for dollar the best instructional guides I've seen.

  All business art was constructed solely in Macromedia Freehand, with the occasional use of Adobe Streamline to convert line drawings into vector art for manipulation.


 The first symbol I ever designed for myself, and the first use of any Photoshop WOW book, all the way back when it was just Photoshop 3. I like the phoenix as a symbol of rebirth, hope and perseverance.


  The first web logo I ever made for a friend who had just started up his own server, dragonfire.net, in 1996. Unfortunately, he turned the site over to a waste of DNA who has just squatted on the domain name since 2000.


  The second logo I ever designed for web use, it's actually still being used by Espernet IRC Services. This was a mishmash of different techniques and filters which I just sort of threw together on a whim, but they liked it better than the other variation shown below.

Espernet take two

  This was the version I preferred, being a much tighter and coherent composition... but I'll survive.


  Designed for a friend's personal web page, it's also the first transparent gif I ever made. There's only one flaw in the design... can you spot it?

Final Fantasy, the Roleplaying Game

  Just something I threw together after seeing a cover for a video game I liked.


  My second attempt at transparent gifs, this was to be the title graphic for a page about bad fanfics that never got off the ground. This was still during my "Throw every technique you can think of at it" phase.

More sigils

  A wallpaper I made for a best friend, from something he sketched after a fever dream.


  My second symbol, the dragon, stands for power, strength and knowledge. This was the first of many uses of the symbol to test out various Photoshop techniques.

Stone Wyrm

  Another technique, this one was used for desktop wallpaper.

Stainless Steel Wyrm

  One of the flashier techniques I've learned. A small graphic of this was used on my last incarnation of a homepage for many years.

Flameburst Wyrm

  The latest variation, which you've no doubt seen if you came in by way of the front door. This was adapted from the GFX^TM site's Ray of Light 2 tutorial for Photoshop.

Phoenix Mark II

  After three years, I finally redesigned the phoenix symbol to be more stylistically compatible with the wyrm logo. This was the first rough CGI of it to see how it looked.

Etched in Stone Phoenix Mark II

  This was a variation of the stone etched effect used above, but with the original symbol roughened up to make it look more primitive. Nifty but useless.

Ayr's Ayle

  Originally a pun by an IRC friend, when I started trying my hand at making cordials such as Limoncello, I decided to make a bottle label to go with it.


  Everything after this point was created for various clients at Robertson Marketing during my stint as assistant artist there from '96 to '99.

  This was a concept design for a souvenir tshirt at a Shoney's in Gettysburg, PA. I went to the national archives online and put together photos of the leaders and generals, after taking a little while to educate myself more about the battle itself.

Hidden Valley Country Club take 1

  They wanted rough lines and water. So they got it.

Hidden Valley Country Club take 2

  This was the second design, which they settled on and are still using to this day. There is a rather fun boost to the ego to see something you threw together in about thirty minutes seven years ago as a sticker on the back of a brand new vehicle.

Anchor Splash '97

  A tshirt design for a sorority at Roanoke College.

Make me an offer...

  Another design for Roanoke College. Cheesy and light-hearted, but it went over very well. It wasn't until a year later that a friend pointed out I had left a handle off the tommygun. Ooops.

Spring Fling '98

  And the next year they needed another spring tshirt design...

Hubbell Lighting: The Nightmare part 1

  Occasionally you get the client from hell. Hubbell Lighting was one such client. What follows are only four out of thirteen total designs I did and several more by my boss after being told "Be creative". This is the biggest lie you will ever hear in the commercial art field.

Hubbell Lighting: The Nightmare part 2

  They initially liked the above design, but wanted to see some color variations. I will spare you the horrid grey and yellow company color scheme one...

Hubbell Lighting: The Nightmare part 3

  A few designs down, I tried another tack when they said they wanted full color. Still not feelin' the love, I'm afraid.

Hubbell Lighting: The Nightmare part 4

  After many more designs and lots of wasted time, they finally brought in a book of artwork and said "We were looking for something like this...". I guess it didn't occur to them that they could have saved two weeks of hassle and quite a bit of money by simply showing it to us in the first place. Thanks, fellas. It's people like you that make me glad I'm out of the biz.