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The Rogue's Gallery

  My life, reduced to a few minutes worth of pixels.

Chubby Cherub, 1973

  What, me bashful? Hell no!

Birthday, 1973

  That cake had less than thirty seconds to live before my little crack monkey ass started jumping on it. Believe it.

It's the Devil, 197?

  No comments necessary, right?

Hamming it up. Sometime in the early 80s.

  Emphasis on the ham(me, in the center top), too. The scarecrow to my left is my little brother, who was truly little at the time. He got over it, though.

Prom Night 1989

  Sheesh, I was a red-faced dork back then. You want to know how to really embarrass yourself at a prom? Take a date who has the same last name as you even though you're not related. We sounded like we were from West Virginia!

Air Force 1992

   Admittedly it was "just" the Air Force and I only lasted six months, but one of the best choices I ever made. Basic Training taught me how to push myself, how to work with anyone under any conditions and finally burned off the baby fat. Still... damn, I look like I'm fifteen at the age of nineteen!

Autumn countryside, October 1993

  Taken from the porch at a friend's family's house. Love the falls around here sometimes

Poseur 1995!

  Behind my parent's house in early April. I still have that shirt. It's very tattered now, but like a security blanket I can't quite bring myself to throw it away.

Tucson, Arizona 1995

  Yeah, yeah, I know, I have a mullet. Sue me, for not having the brains to know how to grow a proper ponytail. From my visit to my friend Stephanie, taken at her father's ranch. It was the first and last time I ever rode a horse. Dammit.

Tucson, Arizona 1995

  And of course, the friend in question I was visiting, Steph herself. We met in boot camp, of all places, and then through sheer coincidence we managed to get in touch a couple of years later. She became one of my best friends and later was also the first woman I ever fell in love with. The last picture there of us, unfortunately, is also the last picture of her, as she was killed a few weeks later by a blackout drunk. Life really isn't fair, sometimes.

The Terrible Trio of 1999

  Me and my friends Colin and Matt, the scowling blonde and the grinning brunette respectively. The names are from a miserable IRC network *cough*TALKCITY*cough* we all hung out in for a while.

Sometimes... May 1998

  You feel like a nut.

And Sometimes... May 1998

  You don't.

The Gift, September 1998

  There are times when you find the perfect present for someone. My present to my friend Hazel for her birthday that year seems to fit that bill.

Oops, 1998

  Just a little too much hair dye.

Halloween, 1998

  You're never too old to go tricktreating, especially when you have friends like Ceiridwen and Bronwen. The costume is "Reno", a villain from the game Final Fantasy VII.

Hellbent for Leather, 1998

  Taken during the same vacation a few days later. Don't ask me what I was thinking with that outfit.

New Brunswick Fall, 1999

  From my eight month stay in the Great White North.

My home away from home, December 1999.

  The view from my apartment complex while living in the aforementioned Great White North.