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The Rogue's Gallery

  My life, reduced to a few minutes worth of pixels.

Feeling Society's Pressure, November 2003

  Taken the day before Woofcon 3, and the first appearance of the shaved head. People still haven't decided if I look more like Dr. Evil or a Shao Lin Kung Fu Monk.

Hanging with giants, February 2004

 My current crowd of friends, Will, Matt, me 'n Craig from left to right. No, I don't normally dress up that much, it was business dress day at work earlier.

Snow Day, February 2004

  It's not Canada, but sometimes the snow here is still a pain in the ass.

Bro, March 2004

Isn't he so cute? This is the look he usually gives me when I get a bright idea.

Roanoke, April 2004

My home city, from atop Mill Mountain.

Dogwood Blossoms, April 2004

Only Virginia would have a state flower that was actually a tree.

Mill Mountain Trail, April 2004

On the other side of Mill Mountain...

Mill Mountain, April 2004

  Off the beaten path.

Joe Pantoliano's younger brother, April 2004

Finally getting used to this shaved head thing. Even people that didn't think they'd like it seem to like the new look and I gotta love the savings in hair care products, too.

Out with the old, in with the new, June 2004

  Finally got rid of my '91 Eagle Talon for a much spiffier '03 Hyundai Tiburon. Depending on if I'm in polite company or not it's either the Dragon Wagon or the Penis Extension. ;^D

Joe's wedding, June 2004

  Alas, my digital camera was not up to indoors photography past a few feet, so only a few pictures turned out. The wedding was held at the Jefferson Center near downtown Roanoke. The reception food was ok, barring the undercooked meatballs you can see my brother roasting over the candle. The bride and groom had an awesome "getaway car" rented, but I and my henchman were able to get the time to give it a proper decorating for their sendoff. I was the only one who had the nerve to take credit, though, as you can see...

50th Birthday, July 2004

Me dear old mum on her 50th birthday at Mama Maria's in Salem. She's not drunk, just tired. Honest!

Joe Pantoliano's younger brother, take 2, August 2004

Don't know how much longer I'll keep this look but here's a slightly cheerier take on the cueball...

Nicole's visit, part one, May 2005

One of my lovely Canadian friends finally visited me for once. It was fun showing someone around the "stomping grounds" of my youth, including a trip to the "Blue Hole" I spent many a youthful summer splashing around in and trying to drown my cousins. Admittedly, I don't know why it wasn't called the Green Hole instead... the last picture is part of the path back to my aunt and uncle's home from the swimming hole.

Nicole's visit part 2, May 2005

So that's a "no" on skinnydipping, I take it?

Nicole's visit, part 3, May 2005

From our trip to Dixie Caverns. Toshiba 3300s suck when it comes to indoor photography...

New personal record, July 2005

Finally hit 165 on the benchpress. Yay me. Next stop, 175, if I don't rip my arms off at the shoulders in the process.